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What happens if I can’t attend the live classes?

No worries, we will record the classes, and the replay will be available to registered students shortly after it happens.

You can watch it at your convenience, but ideally, that would be within that week, so you don’t fall too far behind.

Why is there a mix of videos and live class, instead of all of it live?

To make the most of our time together!

This way we can interact more during the live classes. I find that when we don’t break them up this way, it can be hard to sit through slide shows that late at night. You’re tired – I get it!

Also, we absorb knowledge better when things are broken up into smaller pieces.

I’m giving birth in late December. Is it too late to take these classes?

You are in the nick of time!

Because the first class sets down the groundwork on how to support your physiology to own your birth, and because the classes are spread out over several weeks, you’ll have enough time to feel prepared for your birth.

Is this only for people wanting an unmedicated vaginal birth?

Not at all!

We will also cover ways you can support your physiology with an epidural, or in case of an induction.

If you have a cesarean birth, we will also cover ways to support physiology and bonding between you and your baby as soon as you are able, starting in the recovery room.


Adriana Lozada at Birthful
I’m Adriana Lozada, birth doula, birth and postpartum educator, international speaker and host of the acclaimed Birthful podcast.

For the past 13 years, I’ve helped birth doula clients take the reigns of their process and own their births to have more satisfying birth experiences. These experiences have run the gamut from unmedicated home births to planned cesarean births, and everything in between.

The preparation we do during our prenatal meetings is so impactful, that there have even been times where birth has switched gears and flowed too quickly for me to make it to the hospital in time. These clients still tell me they “couldn’t have done it without me,” meaning, they couldn’t have done it without all this simple yet powerful preparation.
I use the term “simple” because we don’t spend months getting ready. In fact, I only met twice with my doula clients, for a total of 3 hours.

This Birth Prep Series is based on exactly what I do with my doula clients during our prenatal meetings, plus a few more expanded concepts for good measure.

When birth physiology is supported, labor flows.
When labor flows, generally:

  • there are fewer interventions,

  • birth is easier,

  • birth is faster, and

  • everyone (including baby) is happier.