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discover the mighty parent within, to actually enjoy life with your newborn!

Introducing Thrive With Your Newborn postpartum prep. classes… the only class that TRULY explains why the first weeks are so hard, and what you can do about it!

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Thrive with your Newborn Postpartum prep. classes!

You know WHY this course exists?

Because I’m DONE watching new parents struggle through what should be the most amazing time of their lives.

Yes, postpartum is hard.

But by not preparing for it, we -as a society- are making it 10 100 times harder than it should be.

If you’re thinking: “How hard can it be? Sure, we’ll be sleep deprived, but come on, it’s a baby.”

I get it.

12 years ago, I thought the same thing.
  • As an high-achieving, Type-A, control-freak, I was used to figuring things out super fast, excelling at whatever I put my mind to, doing 5 impossible things before breakfast… while adding my own unique flair so that everything was *just* like I wanted it.
  • But I didn’t just work hard, I played hard, too. As a spontaneous adventurer, I delighted in being able to grab every opportunity that presented itself at the drop of a hat: Buy a Caracas-Miami ticket this evening to join friends for the weekend? Check. Drive 3 hours on a Wednesday after work, to then hike for another 2 hours up a mountain in the dark, in order to catch the Leonids meteor shower from a remote enough location to witness it in all its glory, camp overnight, and make it back to work by noon the next day? Check.
  • And did I mention the lists? The only thing I loved more than lists, was the feeling of having crushed and crossed out Every. Single. Item. on said lists like it was nobody’s business. Of looking back at the week or month, and seeing all the tangible, concrete, award-able things I had done. I would measure how good the year was, based on all I had accomplished.

And then I had a baby.

Did I prepare for having a baby? Not really.
Like most people, I prepared for having a birth.

I read all the books. Took all the classes. Hired the midwife. (We didn’t get a doula because we were stupid and thought we didn’t need the help. I mean, having done so much throughout my life without asking for help, why start?). I had my birth plan (aka the ultimate list!) all set. Stubborn as I am, I was able to check off every item on that list, and thought “TA-DA!”, as usual, all is under control. (Yeah, I know. Feel free to roll your eyes. The truth is that everything was not under control, as I later had to deal with some birth PTSD, and extended baby blues.)

Fast forward to life with baby: that’s when all the wheels fell off.
  • I had never even changed a diaper, so I had no idea what to do with a baby that would cry for hours on end and rarely slept. That took down the super-achiever in me.
  • I stayed at home with baby for the first 4 months, during which the isolation, the being needed 24/7,  and the inability to get away forced my spontaneous adventurer self to take a seat at the back of the train. Far back.
  • The final blow, was a hard hit to my love of lists. They devolved into four lines: feed, change, sleep, repeat. Worse, they were replaced by logs. Sheets and sheets of non-ending entries for every time our daughter ate, slept, and filled a diaper, in our attempts to find some sort of pattern and routine to her days.

Instead of feeling TRANSFORMED and CONFIDENT, I felt lost, frustrated, and resentful. Not a pretty color at all.

But wait! There IS a happy ending!

This experience is what put me on the path to help you and others like you. Along the way, I have processed my postpartum story, healed from it, and found myself in a much better place than I was before I started. And if I had had another kid, with all this knowledge things would have been MAGNIFICENTLY different.

Good news: You don’t have to go through all that!

You can jump right into that magnificent happy ending!

So that’s what this course is for: so you’ll have an amazingly unique resource that will allow you to CONFIDENTLY navigate all the ins and out of life with a newborn, as well as DISCOVER the mighty parent that lies within you, so you can THRIVE with your newborn.

So you can actually PREPARE to become a parent.

week by week

What can you expect to learn during Thrive with Your Newborn?:

Week 1 - Baby Basics for Realistic Expectations

In order to take care of a baby, you first need to know what that baby needs. You’ll learn:

  • How much and how often do babies eat
  • The 3 different types of hunger cues
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough
  • When (and when not to) be concerned about baby’s weight loss
  • Growth spurts & developmental leaps: when to expect them and signs they are happening
  • When will your baby sleep through the night?
  • Preventing night-day reversal
  • Crib-sleep, room-share, or bed-share: what the heck should you do?
Week 2 - Getting to know YOUR baby

Babies are born with personalities and temperaments. How will you respond to and nurture yours? You’ll learn:

  • Your baby’s primal needs
  • Getting to know YOUR baby: the 9 temperament traits
  • Identifying the 6 different types of cries
  • Determining your response style
  • 3 simple ways to preempt and minimize fussiness
  • Calming an inconsolable baby
  • Surviving the “witching hour”
  • The #1 solution when nothing else works
Week 3 - Live Webinar: The practical little things!

Live call with Adriana Lozada! Some of what you’ll cover:

  • Practicalities: nipple confusion – introducing a bottle – introducing a pacifier – flat head syndrome – tummy time – teething – colic
  • Quick demos: burping a baby – hypnotic soothing tricks – different swaddling techniques
  • Bring your questions!: Adriana will answer any questions that may have come up for you during the first two weeks.
Week 4 - Your Transformation

Have you though about the parent you will become? In this session you’ll learn about:

  • The Pregnancy Hangover
  • Becoming a mighty parent without losing yourself
  • A super simple way to establish clear communication so that you’re not down each other’s throats
  • What if you don’t love your baby right away?
  • Strengthening your coping mechanisms
  • Processing YOUR birth experience
  • Avoiding Postpartum Mood Disorders
  • When parenting doesn’t live up to your expectations
Week 5 - Planning Your Postpartum Vacation

Bring it all together, so you can have a clear plan to enjoy your postpartum! You’ll learn:

  • Honoring your physical recovery
  • The 5 key elements of a good postpartum
  • Coordinating with visitors helpers
  • Planning your Postpartum Vacation
  • Tips just for partners
  • Navigating your return to work
  • 4 ways to get your house ready for baby, right now

“I appreciate that you are up on medical studies & research that actually validate what we know instinctually to be true.”
Kate M.

Even more goodness!


Your Postpartum Vacation Prep. Planner
  • Great for avoiding overwhelm as you learn and plan for you postpartum vacation
  • Keeps you organized & on track
  • PDF, Word, and Pages download
Month-by-Month Guide to Laying Down a Good Sleep Foundation
  • Take out the guess work of figuring out what you should be doing when, to start encouraging healthy sleep habits
  • Transition smoothly into the so-called “4-month sleep regression”
  • Gently ease into a daily routine, that’s developmentally appropriate
My Ultimate Newborn Must-Haves Guide
  • My top recommended must-haves for a happier postpartum
  • PDF Download
Mighty Postpartum Resource List
  • My go-to favorite postpartum resources – vetted and approved!
  • Classified by topic: breastfeeding, baby sleep, newborn development, postpartum recovery, postpartum help, and more
  • Interactive PDF Download
PRIVATE Thrive with Your Newborn Facebook Community
  • Stay on track with weekly discussions threads and prompts
  • Get your questions answered, and learn what’s coming up for others in the community
  • Start building your ‘village of support’ with other parents going through the same stuff that you are, at the same time

Who is the Thrive with Your Newborn course for?

You succeed in everything you do, and like to have things done *just* so. Having a baby will be no different.

You love spending time by yourself, and enjoy your freedom. Once baby comes, you'll put her in a carrier and take her wherever you go.

You're ultra-organized, and can't live without your planner. You believe all baby toys should live in the nursery.

You've done tons of babysitting, and figure you've got this covered, even though caring for your baby happens 24/7.


THRIVE WITH YOUR NEWBORN is the only class that gives you concrete tools to avoid overwhelm and helps you discover the confident and mighty parent within.

What’s next & how much does it cost?

The goal of the Thrive with Your Newborn postpartum preparation course is to give you practical, useful, evidence-based information that works, and doesn’t waste your time, so you can start parenting with ease. If you tried to get all this information on your your own, it would take months of wading through dozens of books, scavenging of websites, and hanging out at (virtual or real) expecting parent groups, and you still would end up in a sea of contradicting information. Why make it so hard?

At $145, this course is more than worth it! Not only will it save you time now (while increasing your parenting confidence), it could save you weeks of anxiety trying to figure out what your baby needs, and hundreds of dollars spent on pricey gadgets. It will also help you identify any issues that may pop up sooner, before they snowball.

Want added piece of mind? Go for the premium option that includes a 1-on-1, 45 minute phone or Skype call with Adriana Lozada, for additional support once your baby is born!

What happens after you sign-up?

You’ll receive a welcome email with brief instructions. Then, you’ll have online access to new class content each week, along with all 5 bonuses. Once available, you have LIFETIME access to the content. This let’s you come back and review whenever you’d like!

  • Weekly class modules are made up of a combination of videos, slide presentations,  downloadable pdfs, and resources links, so you can check out the content at your on pace: go through it all in one sitting, or a little bit each day.
  • To help keep you motivated and on track, you will also receive several emails throughout each week, with prompts related to that week’s content.

No matter what, we’ve got you covered:

With lots of opportunities to get your questions answered: via the private Facebook community, the live webinar call during week 3, or through friendly and responsive customer support.

7 DAY guarantee! YAY!

Can’t go wrong with a guarantee!

Thrive with Your Newborn comes with a no-hassle 7-day money back guarantee, from the day classes start. I want you to have a magnificent postpartum experience, and I KNOW that if you apply what you’ll learn in this course, you will. But if you find that this course isn’t a good fit for you, contact us and you’ll receive a full refund.

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who am I?

About Adriana Lozada

Adriana Lozada at BirthfulI’ve been helping new and expectant parents navigate their births and 4th-trimesters for over 13 years. I’m an advanced birth doula, birth and postpartum educator, sleep consultant, international speaker, and author.

As the host of the Birthful podcast, I’ve talked with hundreds of maternity professionals on everything from the transition into parenthood, to breastfeeding hurdles, understanding your baby, vaginal rehab, and so much more. I bring to this course their wisdom, along with my unique ability to tie together all their knowledge and my knowledge, to help you thrive with your newborn in all aspects of your postpartum experience!

kind words

What people say about the course

“Adriana Lozada brings a delightful combination of joy and intelligence to every discussion. Her topics are pertinent and deep, classic but freshly spun. Postpartum parents need more tender loving care with smart solutions and fast. Here is a gem of a resource – one that you can trust to touch your heart in a beneficial way today.”

Gail Tully
Founder of Spinning Babies and midwife extraordinaire

“This course was amazing. My husband and I went through each video together (sometimes twice) and Adriana helped us get on the same page with our expectations for the first months after our baby was born. I can’t express how much stress was prevented through the knowledge we gained in Thrive With Your Newborn. I highly recommend this course!”

Emily M.

I wish I did the class before my baby came! Instead, I struggled through those first few weeks (…) Early motherhood is so confusing and intense, and it would have been much better if I had the knowledge and expectations (taught in the course) from the beginning. I’d definitely recommend first time parents to take the course! In my understanding, this type of information isn’t usually covered anywhere else (not in birth classes, hospital pamphlets, or appointments with midwives as far as I can tell).”

Michelle O.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in preparing for birth or feel overwhelmed and not know where to start in learning about life with a newborn and this course solves all that for you! Adriana’s experience really shines through in the way she presents so much great info and brings it together in one place. For us the course was true to its name and has really helped us thrive with our newborn. I have recommended this to all my pregnant friends!”

Miranda C.

“I am now 6 weeks postpartum and really felt that this course helped prepare my mindset for caring for my baby and allow me to feel more confident, especially when it comes to reading his cues and what to expect for sleep patterns (or lack thereof!).”

Gwen H.

“I found the course to be incredibly helpful in the first few weeks of my baby’s life and it gave my partner and I language to work from. I highly recommend this course and tell everyone I know about it.”

A.M. O’Malley

no worries

It’s risk free with our 7-day guarantee!

Just-the-Course Plan
Thrive with Your Newborn Postpartum Prep. Course
Full Details
Course PLUS 1-on-1 Consultation
Thrive with Your Newborn Postpartum Prep. Course PLUS 1-on-1 Call with Adriana after baby arrives
Full Details

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